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PCCUA Summer Campaign

PCCUA Summer Campaign

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Campaign branding.


Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA) has been offering free summer classes to recent high school graduates for years, but was having a difficult time getting the word out. I was tasked with creating a brand and poster for PCCUA’s “Take One On Us” initiative targeted at high school seniors. Knowing that these posters would be printed and hung in notoriously cluttered high school hallways, bright colors and large typography were used to catch the eye. After user-testing the initial poster design with some high school students, their next question was “what classes can I take?” Based on this feedback, the single poster expanded into a series that included posters advertising available classes. This campaign resulted in a 200% surge in Summer 2016 class enrollment.

Main campaign poster.

Direct mail flyer.

Supporting campaign posters.